Drop Polzeath into any Cornwall conversation and you’re sure to hear about its extremely popular beach, smiling with a 460m grin from cliff-to-cliff. You’ll also hear about its great surf conditions – good enough for seasoned pros all the way through to complete first-timers. And yes, you’ll definitely hear about its local aquatic neighbours – the Polzeath dolphins – who like to come by from time to time to say hello.

But what you’re less likely to hear about are the views. From the coastal path; looking back from the beach; even out of the pub window. Wherever you are, you can’t escape the blue horizon Polzeath throws at its guest every day of the year.


Of course, you don’t hear about it much because for so many, it’s a given – something as normal as waking up in the morning – but it’s like that right up the Cornish coast and along Padstow Bay. But it’s not just the view; it’s everything about Polzeath that makes you feel like you’ve come home again…even if you’ve never visited before.


It’s main street runs along the seafront and offers some hidden treasures for the kids (and big kids alike), alongside a number of bars, cafes, restaurants and a good fish and chips shop. There are mini-golf and trampolines, surf schools and tennis courts to get involved with…and more local ice cream than you could possibly test out in one visit.

Oh, and who could forget the array of local ales and wines from around Cornwall all waiting to be sipped and supped with some of Cornwall’s freshest seafood – all landed hours before from day boats in Port Issac and Padstow Bay. It’s a tough life, but someone’s got to visit!

The House

Ogilvie holiday cottage makes up part of a collection of houses to sit on the South Westerly cliffs of Polzeath – lucky enough to look out over both the beach and the Bay. But where public roads connect most, Ogilvie awaits its guests patiently at the end of a private road. If it’s peace and quiet you’re after, we’ve got you covered.


With ample parking through its gates, little more than a ten-minute walk from the house will see you glide down the coastal path and set foot on the beach. If it’s a longer walk you’re after, why not tie up your boots and head towards Rock a mere 40 minutes away and grab yourself a well-earned lunch?


And talking of lunch, Ogilvie sits another stone’s throw from Polzeath’s most popular pub and restaurant – The Oyster Catcher – as well as a number of other established restaurants. But if you’d rather get straight down to business and head towards the heart of Polzeath, a brisk stroll will get you there in no time.

But while we think Ogilvie is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the best Polzeath holidays have to offer, we also think it’s just the right distance away from a few of Cornwall’s best-kept treasures. From Port Issac’s singing fishermen to the now world-famous Rick Stein’s restaurant in Padstow, there’s enough on offer for everyone to find something new.